You can improve patient safety, satisfaction, labor costs and on-time first case starts with PatientStream

Leading academic medical centers have greatly improved utilization and patient satisfaction by eliminating whiteboards and automating communication among care providers and with patients’ families in ORs, ICUs, clinics, radiology, endoscopy, and more.

PatientStream technology is proven to improve on-time first case starts, turnover time and patient satisfaction and to reduce the risk of communication errors.


PatientStream is the only commercially available OR communication and efficiency improvement software developed within an academic medical center. Specifically, PatientStream started within Harborview Medical Center, a Level 1 Trauma Center in Seattle Washington in 2008. This crucible of high acuity patients, high census, and communications complexity, plus the academic rigor placed upon approval of using PatientStream, has produced a marked separation between PatientStream and any other electronic whiteboard.

That separation is most pronounced in the readability of the displayed role-based data. It’s the number one reason the Assistant Nurse Manager of the Surgery Department at Harborview Medical Center says that PatientStream “has streamlined our entire practice.

After four years of use and refinement, more than 1,000,000 cases (and counting), including 120,000+ surgical cases, have been efficiently communicated and coordinated via PatientStream. Learn more . . .


Is PatientStream right for you?

Consider evaluating PatientStream if your current initiatives' goals include:

  • 1 Increasing your OR case throughput
  • 2 Increasing OR revenue and contribution margin
  • 3 Increasing staff and patient satisfaction

If your hospital currently places OR efficiency as a top priority, we invite you to contact us now for more information and free trial details. Contact us to learn more.